Wren's Story

Wren's Story

Wren Richards


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Wren was abandoned into the Wyoming wilderness to grow with an education based in knowledge from nature and the Indian Mission. Abandonment taught her to use the environment as her teacher. The isolated Wind River Reservation culture taught her resourcefulness, individuality, self sufficiency and durability. The laws from nature promoted reflectiveness and meditation where Sun Wren Richards learned that all questions were answered with transcendence from within.


Wren Richards:
Wren Richards has been a meditator for 50 years and attributes her good fortune to Transcendental Meditation where she learned that all questions are answered with transcendence from within. The author is a political activist who promotes civil liberties and women’s rights. She ran for the Texas senate, served as a Wyoming delegate, and directed political campaigns for a Wyoming representative, senator, and governor. Wren grew up in Wyoming. She has a love for nature, and cares about protecting our planet and the inhabitants that live upon it. She believes that the rights of our planet should be allowed to flourish in its own beauty. Wren has had a successful 36 year career in the performing arts, adapted books for stage production. She has raised two children who are both surgeons. She currently lives in Galveston Texas by the ocean where she experiences the strength and creativity supplied by its magical power. The author is a sculptor, dancer, environmentalist, and author.