The Hunted and the Haunted

The Hunted and the Haunted

JoseLuis Sandoval


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These poems are for all lovers without exception, whether or not they're members of this other, exclusive club. Blessed are they who aren't members, just as surely as all true-blue members in good standing wish they weren't. There's only one way into this club, and no way out. If you lose a spouse to the Lord that you cannot live without, but manage to live on by brute force, you're in the ranks of the bereaved torch carriers of this very painful club. The poems of this book cannot heal you, since someone else wrote them, but they could conceivably soothe you a little by keeping you company, and bring you face to face with what you treasure most about the one you love, but lost. Expect nothing but the haunting beauty of poems that cannot pretend to be reservoirs of strength and wisdom to help you bear your burden, but you'll find in them a kindred spirit in the mirror of your soul...