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Crash is a collection of understated poems. More of nuance than telling, it aims to make the reader explore the text. Subjects range from a petrified housewife to a suicidal partner. It is the darker side of a car ride with a stranger. Although you’re belted in and approaching the highway, you can still say your prayers and pay small non-descript bills. A kind of cadence to great poets that have inspired me not only on the page but with the sounds of words and other mysteries. Now you’re hitchhiking. There are but little tests or quizzes, so spread your arms wide, take in the open road and enjoy the ride.


Maggie Mortimer:
This is Maggie Mortimer’s first poetry book. She is currently working on a collection of short stories and a nonfiction book about homelessness. She has worked as a reviewer for The Globe and Mail and National Post. At present, she is residing in Central Ontario.