Chris Parker


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Murder is spreading like a virus, and a master hypnotist must be brought to justice . . .

The time has come for Ethan Hall, serial killer and master hypnotist, to be tried in Crown Court. And the result is far from certain. The unanswered question remains: How do you prevent the world’s most destructive murderer from wreaking havoc in a courtroom?

For Marcus Kline, the world’s leading authority on communication and influence, the devastation Ethan Hall has brought into his life is about to reach terrifying and unimaginable heights.

Meanwhile, a new wave of murders is being recorded and shared on social media, inciting ever more extreme behaviour. Support for the violence grows and the very fabric of society seems threatened.

Is Ethan Hall in any way responsible? And, if so, how can he possibly be stopped? As Marcus Kline must faces his nemesis in a final battle of wills, he must find the faith to succeed . . .